What is an implant?

A dental implant is a type of screw that is equivalent to the root of a tooth.

99% of them are made of titanium, which is a material that is perfectly absorbed by our body and minimises the risk of rejection of implants or any allergic reactions.

A dental implant is embedded in the bone of the mandible or maxilla and constitutes a pillar for a prosthetic reconstruction, such as a crown, bridge or prosthesis. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is no more troublesome than tooth extraction. A crown or bridge is placed on the implant using special connectors. In the case of front teeth, due to aesthetic reasons, they are most often zirconium crowns. The elements connecting the prostheses and implants are special locators, beams and a telescope. Titanium connectors or equally durable but more aesthetic zirconium connectors are standardly used.

There are many implant systems, such as:Nobel, Mozo, Astra, 3i, Ankylos, MIS, Alfa Bio, Bego, SGS, Straumann. At the Center, we only use systems proven by our doctors and tailored to the individual needs of patients.


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