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Effective treatment of malocclusion in children and adults

Orthodontic treatment restores the proper functioning of the bite and its aesthetic appearance. Misaligned teeth do not have to be part of your everyday life and do not have to make you feel embarrassed or avoid smiling fully. Crooked bites can be effectively prevented and existing defects can be treated – in people of all ages. At Borowski Dental Center we offer a full range of removable and fixed braces for children and adults.

What are the benefits?

Orthodontic treatment significantly improves the aesthetics of a natural smile and also positively affects its health.

It provides a straight smile and regular features

A healthy, even bite is reflected in the appearance of not only the smile, but also the entire face. Straight, properly aligned teeth prevent improper development of the jaw, and thus the occurrence of deformations.

Prevents tooth and periodontal disease

An even bite allows for thorough brushing of teeth and regular removal of dental plaque, which is the basis for preventing caries. There are no difficult-to-reach spaces where food remains could accumulate.

Improves the functioning of the chewing mechanism

Correct bite allows for proper chewing of food, thus increasing the comfort of eating meals and preventing digestive tract diseases.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment

At Stomatologia Borowski, we deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions.

We pay special attention to maintaining the results achieved by using retention appliances. We treat each patient individually, which is why the first step is always a detailed orthodontic consultation, during which the orthodontist assesses the condition of the teeth and diagnoses what orthodontic problem exists. We use the latest available technologies: we create virtual diagnostic models based on dental scans or take digital and X-ray photos.

We offer our patients a full range of removable and fixed appliances (metal, cosmetic, self-ligating). Depending on the braces used, follow-up visits take place every 5-10 weeks. We also pay special attention to maintaining the results achieved with retention braces.

Removable braces for children and adolescents

A child’s first check-up visit to an orthodontist should take place at the age of 5-6, and if there is a noticeable problem, even earlier. The dentist will check whether the bite is developing properly and, if necessary, propose optimal treatment methods.
Appropriately early diagnosis allows you to prevent the development of deep defects and immediately start correcting the bite, thus shortening the entire treatment process and preventing irreversible / difficult to reversible changes.
If a child comes to the office after a developmental leap, it may already be too late for non-invasive treatment.

Children up to about 6 years of age (baby teeth only) – there are few treatment options, but at this stage it is worth paying attention and observing:

  • crossbite, overbite;
  • habits (e.g. lip sucking), swallowing like an infant, breathing through the mouth.

Children approx. 6-14 years of age (mixed dentition)
 – we treat children with removable braces:

  • in the case of dental defects, cross occlusions, posterior occlusions, open occlusions they are likely to significantly improve the occlusion if the treatment is started at the right time;
  • you should watch for habits (e.g. lip sucking), swallowing like an infant, breathing through the mouth.



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At the Borowski Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Consultation, examination and preparation of a treatment planPLN 420

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