Borowski Dental Centre

Let's take care of your healthy smile together

At Stomatologia Borowski, we restore the health and beautiful appearance of our patients’ smiles by providing them with comprehensive dental care.

Adults, seniors and children sit in our chairs, and we treat everyone with care and in a way tailored to their individual needs.

We will take care of your comfort and the effectiveness of our actions at every level: from problem diagnosis, through treatment, to follow-up visits. We provide maximum professionalism of services and a good atmosphere. Every action we take is dictated by the good and safety of patients.

At the Borowski Dental Centre

You will finally stop being afraid of the dentist

Our dentists will show you that dental treatment can be completely painless and does not have to cause stomach upset. The visits take place in a friendly atmosphere - they are so comfortable that even children are happy to come!

You will receive the highest standard of treatment

At Stomatologia Borowski we do not compromise on quality. We use the most modern dental technologies and high-class medical equipment to guarantee patients the highest standard of treatment.

You will receive comprehensive dental care

Our qualified doctors will perform both root canal treatment and implant placement. Thanks to many different specialists in one place, you have easy access to comprehensive dental care for yourself and your loved ones.

Excellently equipped facilities

At our Centre, you will experience dentistry in its modern form. We have 6 air-conditioned, modernly equipped dental offices, a sterilization room and an X-ray room with the ability to take instant digital spot, three-dimensional and panoramic photos, the radiation dose of which is much lower compared to traditional X-ray.

A competent and committed team

Our staff are people for whom work is also a passion, in which they are 100% committed. Membership in elite scientific societies in Poland and Europe allows us to exchange experiences, constantly develop skills and train team members. Our doctors are constantly expanding their competences at international conferences and working with the latest available technologies.

Full comfort and accessibility

Our offices are spacious and have comfortable, modern treatment chairs that make you feel comfortable even during the longest treatments. The Borowski Dental Center is also adapted to the needs of patients with disabilities. It is located on the ground floor and there is no problem with getting up to the door of our facility. All entrances are accessible to wheelchairs, and the Center itself is equipped with special comfortable toilets.

Our openness to continuous development and the desire to provide patients with the best possible care made us join the Dentity Group. We want to combine competences and together spread the good practices of Stomatologia Borowski on a nationwide scale.