X-ray diagnostics

Specialist X-ray examinations

We will effectively diagnose the causes of your symptoms
and plan appropriate dental treatment.

At the Borowski Dental Center, each office is equipped with a mobile digital X-ray (RVG), thanks to which we can quickly, efficiently and painlessly take an X-ray of a selected tooth, the entire oral cavity and facial bones.

What are the benefits?

X-ray makes it easier and faster to make an accurate diagnosis, and therefore allows for faster implementation of appropriate treatment.


X-ray allows doctors to obtain a picture of the condition of the teeth and effectively diagnose the cause of the problem.


X-ray examinations can be performed on virtually anyone, with the exception of pregnant women in some cases.


X-ray examinations are completely non-invasive, do not require special preparations and only take a few minutes.

Diagnosis is the first step towards health

Get it done at the Borowski Dental Centre.

Our patients will benefit from a technologically advanced, mobile digital X-ray in which the radiation dose is reduced to a minimum. We take immediate digital point, three-dimensional and panoramic photos, providing unlimited access to modern diagnostics. It will help you take care of your health.

Tooth X-ray image

This is the most popular type of X-ray imaging in dentistry. We take them in order to be able to accurately see a given fragment of the dentition.

Cephalometric image

Lateral image of the skull is often used in diagnosis and treatment planning in the field of orthodontics.

Panoramic dental X-ray

An overview photo of all teeth, which allows for precise, digital diagnostics and the detection of problems that are invisible during a regular examination.

Dental tomography

CT images are most often used in implantology, dental surgery and endodontics. They enable evaluation of the bone structures.

Price list

Partial computed tomography (CBCT)PLN 180
Comprehensive tomography (CBCT)PLN 350
Panoramic X-rayPLN 120
Cephalometric imagePLN 120
Dental X-ray - for endo proceduresPLN 40

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