Pediatric dentistry

For the healthy smiles of our youngest patients

Your child does not like the dentist? Let us show you that it can be changed!

At Stomatologia Borowski, we treat children painlessly and in a friendly atmosphere. Our experienced and extremely empathetic dentists know perfectly well how to familiarise a child with the chair, tools and possible procedures in a fun way. Thanks to them, the word “dentist” will quickly stop making your child feel anxious!

Why do children like to visit us?

We know some of the reasons.

We show that treatment is not scary at all

During the adaptation visit, we will show your child the entire office so that he can get used to the chair and tools, and also get to know (and like) their dentist. There will be no treatment!

We arouse the sympathy of children

A wide smile, great intuition and a unique approach - our dentists get along great with children. They know how to dispel their fear of the dentist and use this superpower effectively!

We give the Brave Patient Award

Children do not leave us empty-handed! After each visit, the dentist gives a small reward to strengthen positive associations and bring a smile to the child's face.

Healthy teeth from an early age

At the Borowski Dental Center, we will take great care of your child's teeth.

We provide a full range of pediatric dentistry procedures, including treatment of primary teeth. Their health has a huge impact on the proper development of permanent teeth, so problems with the so-called “baby teeth” should not be underestimated. Early and appropriate prevention is crucial in the treatment of children, as it usually allows avoiding major dental problems and, therefore, frequent procedures.

Caries prevention

Regular visits allow you to prevent caries in primary teeth and thus transfer it to permanent teeth. The child should come for a check-up at least once every six months.

Occlusion control and monitoring the correct development of the teeth

The sooner irregularities are detected, the easier it will be to correct them - especially in the tooth growth phase. Therefore, it is worth consulting any dental problems with a dentist as soon as possible.

Our unique pediatric dentists

At the Borowski Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Oral hygiene instructionPLN 65
Sealing the grooves with fissure sealantPLN 120
Reconstruction of a baby toothPLN 190
Adaptation visitPLN 100
Filling in a baby tooth (white composite)PLN 175
Filling in a baby tooth (Twinky Star)PLN 175

Take care of your little one's smile!

Schedule a checkup.

Would you like to cover the cost of the treatment in instalments?

At the Borowski Dental Center, patients can spread payment for procedures into convenient installments. For more information, please contact our reception desk – write to us, call or visit in person.