Conservative dentistry

An effective weapon in the fight against tooth decay

We treat the effects of caries and take care of its prevention to maintain the aesthetic appearance of patients’ teeth.

Conservative dentistry includes dental treatment and reconstruction procedures, the main goal of which is to prevent the formation and development of caries. It is a bacterial disease involving demineralization and breakdown of hard dental tissues. Early caries lesions are reversible if they are recognized early enough and treated properly.

Dental caries prevention is a small effort that generates huge benefits.

It helps you enjoy a healthy smile.

It protects against discomfort and pain

Caries can lead to inflammation of the pulp, which causes enormous pain, and then develops into necrosis, gangrene or periodontitis.

Reduction of expenses for visits at the dentist

Advanced caries may require expensive treatment - including root canal treatment, surgery and even implantology.

Preserving the aesthetic appearance of teeth

The first visual signs of caries are spots on the teeth, but without treatment, this disease may lead to tooth loss.

Say goodbye to caries problems effectively

Conservative dentistry treatments enable the preservation of the natural color and shape of teeth.

At the Borowski Dental Centre, we will perform a thorough diagnosis and develop an individual treatment plan before starting an effective fight against dental caries. We take care not only of the health effect, but also of the aesthetic effect by selecting materials and methods to suit individual occlusal conditions. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia to maintain high patient comfort.


Prevention is better than cure. Keep regular check-ups with your dentist so that you can react quickly if you notice the first signs of caries. Children should visit the dentist for an oral check-up every 3 months, and adults every 6 months.


At the Borowski Dental Centre, we use modern treatment methods. We perform enamel remineralisation treatments, fill cavities, and, if necessary, also root canal, orthodontic and surgical treatment.

Our dentists

At the Borowski Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Reconstruction of the cavity and restoration of tooth function 1 surfacePLN 260
Reconstruction of the cavity and restoration of tooth function on 2 surfacesPLN 325
Cosmetic layered reconstruction of an anterior toothPLN 650
Tooth restoration - 3 surfacesPLN 415
Providing emergency dental assistancePLN 305
Fiberglass - tooth reconstructionPLN 595

Enjoy complete health of your teeth

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Would you like to cover the cost of the treatment in instalments?

At the Borowski Dental Center, patients can spread payment for procedures into convenient installments. For more information, please contact our reception desk – write to us, call or visit in person.