Periodontitis is not a sentence - it can be treated

You do not have to lose teeth due to periodontal disease! At the Borowski Dental Centre, we successfully save patients’ teeth. Periodontology is a branch of dentistry focused on treating the pathology of the tissues surrounding the tooth, i.e. periodontium. The results of recent nationwide epidemiological studies show that only about 4% of Poles have them completely healthy. Despite frequent periodontal problems, few people realize that it is the diseases of the tissues surrounding the teeth that are the most common cause of tooth loss in people over 36 years of age.

When should I make an appointment to see a periodontist?

Ignoring the following conditions may lead to gum recession and bone loss.

You experience bleeding, swelling, and redness of your gums.

You notice the exposure of tooth necks, shifting of teeth, and gaps between teeth.

You suffer from unpleasant breath odor and tooth hypersensitivity to temperature changes.

How is periodontal disease treated?

During the first visit, the periodontist assesses the severity of the disease and determines the goals of treatment, and then, together with the patient, determines the stages of treatment. The introduction to more advanced treatments is a special, non-surgical cleaning of root surfaces called scaling. It allows you to remove deposits of bacterial plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, and above all – from their roots. This helps in the healing of the gums and the shallowing of periodontal pockets.

At the next visit (usually 1-6 weeks after the first visit), the doctor will check the depth of the periodontal pockets to assess the effectiveness of the initial treatment and make any corrections. At this stage, in many cases it turns out that remission of periodontal disease has been achieved and the patient does not require further active therapy, but only supportive measures (so-called secondary prevention). However, if the periodontal pockets are deep and there is a loss of bone tissue, surgical treatment may be necessary.

Surgical procedures on the periodontium (so-called flap surgery, open curettage) are performed to remove inflamed tissues and shallow the bone loss, and thus prevent tooth loss. Surgical access allows the doctor to reach hard-to-reach places below the gum margin and tooth root surfaces and to replace missing bone tissue using bone substitute material or enamel matrix proteins.


Regular oral examinations (every 6 months in adults and every 3 months in children) are the simplest method of effective prevention of periodontal disease.


Modern treatment methods at Stomatologia Borowski guarantee safe treatments and a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Price list

Closed implant curettagePLN 175
Open curettage for each toothPLN 240
Closed curettage for each toothPLN 120
PET plusPLN 1130
PET standardPLN 715
Fiber splint teeth splinting for each toothPLN 215

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