In emergencies and health-threatening situations, we admit patients out of line.

If you have an emergency dental problem, give us a call and we will try to help you as quickly as possible.

An emergency, what is it?

We consider emergencies to be situations in which the patient experiences severe pain

and the lack of immediate help may result in irreversible changes or a more serious disease.
Below you will find examples of problems with which you can contact us urgently.

Mechanical teeth injuries

Has a permanent tooth fallen out of your mouth because of an impact or other mechanical trauma? Don't wait, see your dentist right away! The tooth can be saved if its root is not severely damaged and the patient goes to the dentist immediately. The best results are achieved when action is taken within 30 minutes of the injury.

Severe pain when a tooth is broken

A tooth broken as a result of an injury usually does not hurt, but if you experience severe pain, we will admit you as an emergency.

Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess qualifies as an emergency because it is a threat to health and life. The increasing swelling of the gums can lead to inflammation of the soft tissues, bones of the jaw, mandible and eye sockets, and even to meningitis and sepsis.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums may be a sign of disease if the bleeding is not caused by brushing too hard or by insufficient oral hygiene. So if your gums are bleeding for no reason, please contact us. The dentist will see you as an emergency.

How does the appointment go?

The dentist will determine the source of the problem in the oral cavity,

X-rays are also usually necessary.

Then your doctor will suggest treatment to relieve your pain as quickly as possible.
After this type of visit, we also recommend that you perform a complete oral examination to rule out similar problems in the future.

Do you need an emergency appointment?

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