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Analgosedation – a calm visit without pain and fear

For many people, a visit to the dentist is a time filled with stress, uncertainty and fear of pain. Fortunately, the development of technology has allowed us to create modern solutions that make dental treatment comfortable. At our dental center, we perform analgosedation, which is a special type of anesthesia that allows you to relax and even fall into a light sleep. You won’t even notice when it’s over! Do you dream of a beautiful smile, but you still have concerns about your appointment? It is not worth putting off treatment. Our experienced team of doctors will take care of you and help you achieve the desired effect without pain and unnecessary discomfort.

Experienced and qualified team

Patient safety is the most important thing to us. Our experienced team constantly improves their qualifications to make sure that the services we offer are at a world-class level. You can trust us!

High-class equipment

In our facility we use the latest technologies. The equipment we work with is one of the best available on the market. The knowledge and experience of specialists, combined with innovative technologies, allow us to achieve world-class treatment levels.

Help for patients with dental phobia

Analgosedation is an excellent solution for all people suffering from fear of dental procedures. A specially prepared mixture of painkillers, sedatives and hypnotics makes the patient feel calm and relaxed, and after the procedure he does not remember it.

What is Analgosedation

Analgosedation is an innovative type of anesthesia that combines sedatives, hypnotics and analgesics. The agent is administered intravenously. After taking the substance, the patient relaxes and feels no pain. He is in a light sleep state, but he responds to the doctor’s orders, which makes this method effective even for long-hour procedures, the completion of which the patient does not remember. The treatment is supervised by an anaesthesiologist.

Analgosedation is a great solution for all people who struggle with panic fear before visiting the dentist. It is a safe and comfortable way to treat even difficult patients.

Why is it worth it

Analgosedation is a comfortable method that allows for a stress-free and painless procedure that lasts up to several hours!

Patient comfort and safety

Analgosedation makes it possible to perform a long and complicated procedure, while the patient is in a state of limited consciousness - doesn't pain, fear, is relaxed,   and does't remember the course of the procedure after waking up.

A way out of dentophobia

Analgosedation is a solution for patients who are terrified of visiting the dentist or have a strong gag reflex. From now, dental treatment will not be associated negatively, and dental treatment will not leave unpleasant memories.

Minimum preparations

The analgosedation procedure doesn't require special preparations. If the doctor qualifies the patient for the procedure (analysis of health history, possible tests, interview with the patient), he or she only needs to remember not to eat food 6 hours before the procedure and to stop drinking fluids 4 hours before.

Only good memories

Medical control during the procedure, no pain, no unpleasant sensations, i.e. safety and comfort! Analgosedation is a dental treatment that you won't remember! From now on, you don't have to dread office visits and delay making an appointment.

Our anaesthesiologists

At the Stomatologia Borowski Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Center, we provide comprehensive, comfortable and safe dental care.

Price list

Analgosedation - for the first hourPLN 1200
Analgosedation - for each additional hourPLN 600
When the course of treatment requires it, we use analgosedation to ensure complete comfort for our patients. The entire procedure performed under analgosedation is supervised by an anesthesiologist.

Take care of your dream smile without pain and stress!

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Dreamlike treatment

You relax in a light sleep and we do all the work.

Carrying out analgosedation procedures is a response to the problems of people who are afraid of visits to the dentist’s office or who are waiting for a long procedure and feel insecure because of this. Would you like to take care of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, but do you have bad associations with dental treatment? We will help you trust dentists again and prove that treatment does not have to be painful or uncomfortable.
You will forever get rid of your fear of the dentist!