Endodontic treatment (root canal)

Help for teeth at risk of extraction

Endodontics deals with the so-called root canal treatment – it helps to avoid tooth extraction when its pulp is infected.

Endodontic treatment involves removing the diseased pulp and bacteria from the tooth chamber and canals, and then filling them with an appropriate material. Thanks to the development of dental technology and commonly used local anesthesia, the treatment is neither painful nor risky.

When is root canal treatment used?

Root canal treatment is indicated for infected tooth pulp. It can happen in several ways.

Untreated caries

manifested by deep cavities

Bite overload

i.e. abnormal contacts between opposing teeth

Tooth injuries

such as fractures or dislocations

Root canal treatment at Stomatologia Borowski

In our dental center, you receive world-class care.

We carry out endodontic treatment using an operating microscope, digital X-ray imaging, and thermal canal filling techniques. These types of tools allow you to learn the exact anatomy of the tooth, prepare well for the procedure, and perform it with maximum precision, which is crucial for the success of the treatment. Our qualitative approach to endodontics provides the patient with high comfort during the procedure and speeds up the treatment time – just one visit is enough.

Remember not to “wait out” dental problems, but to see a dentist right away. Untreated tooth pulp inflammation is dangerous to the health of the entire body – its consequences may even include sepsis or myocarditis.

First symptoms

Recurrent, nocturnal or persistent toothache is a clear sign of pulpitis.

Local anaesthesia

In order to provide patients with the highest possible comfort, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia.

Our dentists

At the Borowski Dental Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Endodontic treatment - additional canalPLN 420
Endodontic treatment under the microscope (1 canal)PLN 700
Endodontic treatment under the microscope (2 canals)PLN 900
Endodontic treatment under the microscope (3 canals)PLN 1200
Reendo - 1 channel; repeated root canal treatment under a microscopePLN 950
Reendo - 2 canals; repeated root canal treatment under the microscopePLN 1200
Reendo - 3 canals; repeated root canal treatment under the microscopePLN 1500

Are you struggling with recurring toothache? Do you need endodontic treatment?

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Would you like to cover the cost of the treatment in instalments?

At the Borowski Dental Center, patients can spread payment for procedures into convenient installments. For more information, please contact our reception desk – write to us, call or visit in person.